About Buzzing Bee Tours


Who We Are

We are a group of travellers who loves to travel a lot especially on places where mother nature's almost untouched beauty was the primary feature of the place. We keep on travelling to discover more places and share its beauty by showing it in our website. We believed that Philippines, Cebu Province to be more specific where we focus our travels as of the moment, has a lot to offer especially from the historical places, natural parks, white sand beach resorts, mountain resorts, hotels, affordable and delicious restaurants and very hospitable people.

What we'll do for You and why Choose to book through our website

As a result of our constant travels, we have made a lot of connections to different resorts, hotels and transportation service providers and getting great discounts for thier services. By booking a tour through our website, you will enjoy the same discounts and therefore you'll be paying lesser than the usual tours with other service providers or getting more places to visit with the same price as we will find you with the best providers in terms of price and safety.

Meet the Core Team Members