How to arrange adventure packed 10 days and 9 nights vacation within Central Visayas: Cebu Province, Negros Oriental, Bohol and Siquijor Province

How to arrange adventure packed 10 days and 9 nights vacation within Central Visayas: Cebu Province, Negros Oriental, Bohol and Siquijor Province

Getting to 50 tourist spots in 8 islands in 4 Provinces of Central Visayas

There are hundreds of beautiful places to visit even we just limit it within central visayas provinces but since we only have 10 days, we’ll just pick those popular places within each of the provinces under central visayas or region VII.

Since the most accessible place from almost anywhere via airplane is Mactan Island Cebu (Lapu-Lapu City) or via boat or ferry in wharfs of Cebu City, we’ll have our starting point here. In here, we assume that the arrival time in Cebu is early morning approximately around 3:00AM to 5:00AM. We further assume that you’ll be bringing or rent a van in Cebu for this whole duration of the trip.

2 Days 1 Night (2D1N) Bantayan Island Adventure (Day 1- Day 2)

For our first day, we will be picked up at the airport at around 05:00AM then we will proceed directly to Bantayan Island. Travel time going to Hagnaya wharf from the airport is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes if we’ll depart early since there will be lesser traffic during this time. But leaving Cebu after 7AM will probably take 3 hours or even more to reach Hagnaya wharf where we can get access to boat ride going to Sta. Fe, a town in Bantayan Island.

The earliest trip schedule we can take is probably between 8:00AM to 9:00AM but I personally prefer the earliest possible but if we’ll do stop over for breakfast, then we may have to take the 08:30AM or 09:00AM trip. The Ferry/Barge travel time going to Sta Fe from Hagnaya is around 2 hours. Either we did stop over or not for the breakfast, it is expected that we will be in Bantayan Island by 11:00AM. From the wharf, it will only take less than 10-minute drive to the town proper then we’ll grab our lunch there or we can proceed immediately to Budyong resort to check-in then just head out to the town proper for the lunch.

Our first Bantayan island adventure will just be swimming at Ogtong cave and resort. We can have the whole afternoon spent there if we chose to then after that we’ll head back to Budyong resort then spend some night time swimming at their long stretch of fine white sand beach.

For our Day 2 in Bantayan Island, we will be doing the Island Hopping to Virgin Island. I believe this is where they shoot the film Camp Sawi by Bela Padilla, Arci Muñoz, Yassi Pressman and company… What’s in there..? we’ll it’s another long stretch of white sand beach and you can do snorkeling and fish feeding just few meters away from their coast line. We will only spend a maximum of 3 hours here then we’ll head back to Budyong resort then checkout.

We’ll have to depart from Budyong resort on or before 2PM to catch the 3:00PM trip to hagnaya wharf then to Cebu City. Our expected time to arrive in Cebu City will be around 8:00PM. Oopps we’re not going to check-in to the hotel yet. We’ll just do a stopover at a mall to grab dinner then proceed to Tops in Busay to experience the view of the whole city from up top. After that, around 11pm, we’ll proceed to the hotel then check-in and relax.

Day 3: Cebu Twin City tour

This tour will just have a total of 8 hours tops with 11 destinations to visit with no adventure, trekking, swimming or whatsoever  and purely site seeing and picture taking so we’ll start at around 10:00AM. The first destination will be lapu-lapu shrine in mactan cebu then after few minutes stay and picture taking, we’ll proceed to alegre guitar factories. This is where the best acoustic guitars are made. We’ll I don’t intend to pretend i have knowledge about guitars but they are popular for a reason right…? After that we’ll proceed to Park Mall in Mandaue to grab buffet lunch at Joven’s Grill to experience the taste of Cebu’s famous lechon and sea foods with fruits and drinks as well (not the alcoholic one’s of course). Then the next destinations will be temple of Leah, Taoist Temple, Basilica del Sto niño, magellan’s cross, cebu cathedral church, cebu heritage park, san diego yap ancestral house (340+ year old house), fort san pedro and sugbu museum. For some people who wants to buy the famous “danggit”, we can drop by at tabo-an.

Day 4: Bohol Countryside Day tour

For our fourth day adventure, we are going to Bohol province. We will depart from the hotel at around 06:30AM to catch the fast craft/ferry trip to Bohol scheduled to depart at 8am. Cebu to bohol trip for the fast craft (ocean jet) will take 2 hours. Our expected arrival time in Bohol wharf will be at 10:00AM. We will be visiting at least 10 tourist destinations of Bohol which includes Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Viewing, Bohol Biggest Python, Loboc River Cruise w/ Buffet Lunch, Blood Compact Shrine, Baclayon Church, St. Peter’s Ruins Church, Mahogany Man Made Forest, The Butterfly Garden, EcoTourism Adventure Park. We are expected to finish all those destinations in 6 to 7 hours so to be safe, we’ll just book the 06:00PM trip back to Cebu. Then once we are in Cebu, we’ll do side trip to the famous Lantaw Restaurant along south road property (SRP) before going back to the hotel.

Day 5: Moalboal Island Hopping, Badian Canyoneering and swimming and bamboo rafting at Kawasan Falls

On this day, we will be doing the 3 of the most popular adventures of Cebu. To make sure we can start on time and finish on time, we will checkout and depart as early as 4:00AM from the hotel. Travel time going to Moalboal will only take an hour and a half so by 5:30AM we are already there at the town proper of Moalboal. If it is fine with you, we can stop by and grab native breakfast (puto and sikwate) there in a small carenderia (or eatery) before we proceed to the jump off area of island hopping. At exactly 7:00AM, we will start the island hopping. The first destination will be the pescador island. We will be doing snorkeling there and probably do fish feeding if you are bringing some biscuits. The next destination will be the sea turtle watching then the sardines run.

Oopps don’t cleanup yourself yet as we are just half way through our 5th day adventure. The Moalboal island hopping will only take 4 hours tops. After this adventure, we’ll proceed to Badian for the canyoneering adventure. Time to meet with the canyoneering guide. While he prepares our gears and register us at the tourism office, we’ll grab our lunch at the restaurant. It is advised that we only take light lunch as we will be doing lots of jumps of cliffs and falls and we might vomit if we are too full. Canyoneering adventure will only take 3 hours on average but often times extended to 4 – 5 hours including the swimming and bamboo rafting experience at kawasan falls. After all of those activities, probably around 5pm, we will depart for Oslob and stay for the night at resort with pool to relax.

Day 6: Full Oslob Tour – Whaleshark Watching, Tumalog Falls, Sumilon Island Sandbar and Sanctuary and Oslob baluarte

Since we are already in Oslob area, we don’t have to travel as early as 4AM this time but we do have to depart from the resort at 05:30AM since whale shark watching and encounter will start at 06:00AM and we would want to be on the first few batches to experience the whale shark interaction. After the registration, briefing and boat ride pickup from the coastline, the actual whale shark watching interaction will only last for 30 minutes tops to give way to other tourists as well. So at approximately 07:00AM, we should be done with our whale watching adventure. After that, we will grab breakfast at the nearby restaurants. Then by 08:00AM, we will then move to the wharf for sumilon island where our pre-arranged boat ride is waiting for us. Boat ride going to sumilon island will only take 20 minutes and our first stop will be for snorkeling at the sumilon island sanctuary for approximately 30 minutes tops then will spend few hours swimming at the white sand beach at the sumilon island sandbar. By 11:00AM, we will head back to the main land then grab our lunch at the whale shark watching registration area. We can choose another restaurant there if we don’t want to go back to the restaurant where we took our breakfast. After an hour, we will then depart for tumalog falls. Travel time going to tumalog falls will take approximately 20 minutes from the whale shark watching area then motorbike (habal-habal) will take us down to the falls. We’ll do swimming and picture taking there for a bit but won’t stay long so we can relax for our next day’s adventure. After this, we could either do side trip to Oslob baluarte or proceed directly to the resort. Personally, I prefer to stay in either Lagnason’s place in Oslob or at the lighthouse resort in Oslob.

Day 7: Start of 2D1N in Negros Oriental – Apo Island Adventure

From the hotel in Oslob, Cebu we will travel to lilo-an port in Santander via barge/ro-ro as we will be bringing our van in Negros Oriental. Travel time from hotel to lilo-an port will take approximately 30-45 minutes and the boat ride will take approximately 40 minutes to reach to Sibulan port in Negros Oriental so I suggest we will depart early, probably around 05:45AM so we still have time to grab breakfast at the eatery near the lilo-an wharf then take the 07:30AM trip to Sibulan.

From Sibulan wharf, it would take us an hour to reach barangay malatapay in Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental where the wharf going to Apo Island is located. Then from there, it would take another hour boat ride to Apo Island. So by 10:00AM we are already at the island. The first activity we will do is swimming with the sea turtles. Unlike in Moalboal Island Hopping where we just have to watch them from a far, in here, we could actually swim with them but please maintain a distance of probably at least 5 meters from the sea turtles and refrain from touching them. After few hours, we could still spend time swimming at the white sand beach just few meters away from the sea turtle area. Some other guests even climb to the top of the island (where the tower is located) to see the view of other nearby islands.

By 3PM, we will depart from the island and head back to the main land then proceed to Dumaguete City to check-in at our hotel. But hey, we’re not done for the day yet. We can still do some other site seeing trips around the city. Probably we can do visit at the cathedral church, bell tower and do a tour at the biggest campus of the country, Silliman University. Then at night, we’ll spend few hours at the boulevard to relax and get some fresh air or better yet, eat tempura and balot before heading back to the hotel.

Day 8: Second day of 2D1N in Negros Oriental – Bais City Dolphin Watching and Manjuyod Sandbar and Twin Lake

Today, we will again depart early, as early as 5:00AM then proceed to Bais City. It will only take 40 minute drive from the hotel to the wharf in Bais. We will do a side trip to grab breakfast first from fast food chains or probably much better if we’ll go for packed meals to save some time. Our first activity of the day will be the dolphin watching in Bais City. This activity will take approximately 2 hours only then we’ll proceed to swimming at manjuyod sandbar, sometimes called maldives of the Philippines. There is also a snorkeling area just 3-5minutes away from the sandbar if you love do it. But we’ll just leave it optional. We won’t stay too long there as well. Probably 2 hours will do so we would have a total of 4 hours for both bais city dolphin watching and manjuyod sandbar. Lunch will be served at the boat.

The third destination of the day will be the twin lake. Lake balinsasayaw and Lake Danao. The activities we can do there are boat ride, trekking and kayaking. We can also do swimming there but only when there is life guard on duty.

After the different activities in each of those destinations, we’ll depart for siquijor. We will take the 4:00PM trip to Siquijor and arrive there at around 6:00PM.

After our 6:00PM arrival, we will proceed to a native eatery at the town of Larena, Siquijor. Just 5 minute drive from Larena Port. At around 7:00PM, we will depart for Salagdoong beach resort where we will spend our night to rest.

Day 9: Day 1 of 2D1N Siquijor Island Tours

Today, we won’t be moving out early as we intend to spend few hours swimming at early morning. So we’ll depart at 09:00AM. I assumed here that we already took the breakfast at around 8am at the resort’s canteen. Today will be more of site seeing tour and pilgrimage tour. We will go around the island. The first destination will be the next town, Enrique Villanueva. Our first stop will be the fish feeding in Barangay Binoongan then proceed to the town church. Next stop will be the Larena Church then see the view of Larena town from up top at the triad. We can take our lunch here if we want to. The next stop will be at the Siquijor, Siquijor church and bell tower then to the next town, San Juan, Siquijor. We can also do side trip here before we arrive at the town proper in San Juan if you like having your lunch at the beach. They are serving fresh sea foods and of course meat as well. First stop in San Juan is the Capilay Spring Park then the church. Next destination will be the fish spa at Balite tree in Lazi, Siquijor then the oldest and biggest convent and church in the town proper of Lazi and that’s it for the day.

At probably around 04:00PM we are already back at the resort in Salagdoong beach. This will be our time to just sit down at the white sand beach and swim at its cold and turquoise blue waters and probably have a couple bottles of beer (preferably red horse :-)).

Day 10: Day 2 and Last Day of 2D1N Siquijor Island Tours

By this time, we are probably all exhausted and tired but we still have one more destination to visit. This time, we’ll head back to the town of Lazi, Siquijor to try swimming at Cambugahay Falls. Our Checkout time then departure from Salagdoong should be 09:00AM. Again, this is assuming we had our breakfast at the canteen at around 8am. Driving to Cambugahay falls will only take less than 30 minutes. Therefore,we can start swimming at the falls by 09:30AM. There are other activities you can do in cambugahay falls like swings (you’re gonna hold on to a rope then jump into the water) and jump from the top of the falls like getting back the feel of being at the canyoneering in Badian, Cebu. By 11:30AM, we’ll depart for the town of Siquijor, Siquijor for our trip back to Cebu city via dumaguete City. We’ll grab our lunch at a restaurant near Siquijor Port and take the 2:00PM trip to Dumaguete then to Sibulan then to lilo-an and finally to Cebu City. Our estimated time of arrival at Cebu City will be around 10PM.

That’s is it folks, the only thing left to ask by this time is probably the overall cost of the trip. So here it is:

10 pax @ Php 24,300 / head

9 pax @ Php 25,200 / head

8 pax @ Php 25,700 / head

7 pax @ Php 27,300 / head

6 pax @ Php 28,700 / head

5 pax @ Php 29,700 / head

4 pax @ Php 33,200 / head

3 pax @ Php 39,700 / head

2 pax @ Php 54,200 / head



Yeah I know, these trip is really expensive but first, please check out the inclusions below:


– Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter/Grandia (7-14 pax) Van rental for the whole duration of the tour or Toyota Innova for  a group with 2 – 6pax

– Day 1 and Day 2: Day 1 Accommodations at Bantayan Island, ogtong cave entrance fees, round trip boat ride fare  from hagnaya to sta fe and back, transportation (van/innova) fare at the boat, boat ride rental for island hopping and entrance fees at virgin island in bantayan and tops view in busay entrance fee, Night 2 accommodations at Hotel in Cebu City

– Day 3: All (11 destinations) venue entrance fees and parking fees and accommodations at the city

– Day 4: Ferry/fast craft round trip ticket for bohol, bohol country side venue entrance fees with lunch buffet at Loboc river cruise and accommodations at Cebu city

– Day 5: Canyoneering venue fees, guide fee, gear rentals, boat ride for island hopping, venue fees and gears for island hopping and accommodation in Oslob

– Day 6: Whale shark watching fees, boat ride, gears, sumilon island sandbar and sanctuar fees, boat ride for sumilon island, tumalog falls entrance and parking fees, motorbike ride and accommodations in Oslob

– Day7: boat ride fare for negros / sibulan including the transpo, apo island boat ride rental, apo island entrance and sea turtle snorkeling fees, gears and accommodations at Dumaguete City

– Day 8: boat ride rental and venue fees for dolphin watching and manjuyod sandbar, venue entrance fees at twin lake, boat ride fare for siquijor island including the transportation and accommodations at sagladoong beach resort

– Day 9: siquijor island site seeing and pilgrimage tour fees and accomodations at slagdoon beach resort

– Day 10: venue entrance fees, fare back to dumaguete then to cebu including the transpo.


with these inclusions, the only thing not included are the meals so Good luck and enjoy your 10D9N Central Visayas Tour!!!

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